How to save money when moving around the corner or …

How to save money when moving around the corner or …

It’s time to pull out your calculator because no move should ever be started without an accurate moving day budget. While there are many factors of a move that can increase your budget, there are just as many secrets that can save you some money. So, explore these options prior to booking your moving services to ensure a moving day that is just as affordable as it is enjoyable.

Explore the Differences Between Flat Rate Moving Services and Hourly Moving Services

The type of moving service you choose can play a huge role in how much money you’ll save on your move. While both flat rate moving services and hourly moving services are great options, it truly comes down to the type of move you’re doing. If you’re moving locally or doing a small move, hourly moving services may be the most affordable option for you, whereas if you’re moving far or are transporting a large number of heavy items, a flat rate service may be the best option for you. So, explore the pros and cons of both moving services to determine which one is the most affordable option based on your moving specifics.

Hire Moving Services That Don’t Charge Extra for Equipment

An excellent way to decrease your moving day costs is to opt for a moving company that includes moving equipment within their rental fee. Some companies may charge an extra free for use of equipment, such as a dollies or furniture blankets.
Fortunately, when you hire moving services from Bekins Moving Solutions, almost all moving equipment is provided to you at no extra charge.

Sell the Items You No Longer Need

As you begin to pack up your household items, you’ll likely come across many items that you forget you owned or that you don’t need in your new home. While it’s tempting to simply toss or donate these items, especially when you already have a long list of things to do prior to moving day, try to set some time aside to sell these items instead. A quick post on social media or on an online classified site, or a weekend garage sale can be an excellent way to save some money by making some extra cash on items you would be getting rid of anyway.

Do What You Can

If you’ve decided to hire professional movers to help you with the tedious tasks of moving, excellent choice! However, you may be contemplating whether this is an expense you need. Utilizing professional moving services can actually end up saving you money in the long run, as the transportation of your belongings is done properly, efficiently and quickly.

However, if you want to reduce the cost, do as much work as you can beforehand. Call some friends to help you pack up your belongings. If you have already hired movers, make sure to have all of your belongings boxed, labels and ready to be transported as soon as they arrive. The less time it takes movers to move your items, the more savings for you. Although, we don’t mind doing all of it for you.

Store the Items You Don’t Need in your New Home

A common mistake many homeowners make when moving from one home to the next is moving items they’ll be getting rid of upon arrival at their new home. If you know you’ll be getting rid of something shortly after moving, do so beforehand. If you want to keep some items but don’t want to do so at your new home or intend on putting them in storage, again, do so before moving day. The more items you more, the larger moving truck you need and the longer it’ll take to move, both of which can increase the moving price. So, if something isn’t going to be in your new home, don’t spend the money on moving it there.

We have many more unique moving solutions that’ll help you slice your moving day costs.
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