San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2015

San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2015

Awards season is well and truly upon us and this naturally draws our attention to the range of movies showing at the moment. Film festivals are a chance for producers, directors and performers to get their work seen by the public and to showcase their talents, and at this time of year some of the smaller film festivals are a must for movie fans.

The San Francisco Independent Film Festival started life in 1999 with the aim of bringing the best independent movies to the attention of the public. This event is held in February each year at the city’s Roxie Theater. Some of the films that have been shown here in the past include The Color Wheel and Klown, and many have won critical acclaim.

The festival this year begins on February 5th and runs until February 19th. Films are not the only entertainment option, however, as there are also parties, a roller disco and comedy shows. Check out the official website for the schedule of movies and events so that you can plan your time at the festival.

You can pick up tickets for the festival from $25 up to $170 and you can also buy a pass for five or ten movies if you want to make sure that you see a selection. Independent film buffs come from all over the region to see the latest indie movies; therefore, make sure that you pick up your ticket as soon as possible if you want to avoid disappointment.

– Lance Grooms