Sally Field Moving Out of Malibu

Sally Field Moving Out of Malibu

Malibu BeachLast week the world watched what it thought was the season finale of ABC’s popular television series “Brothers & Sisters.”  What we weren’t expecting was that it would be the last episode forever.  Well, ABC has moved on.  They announced that the show has been canceled late last week.

In light of that news, we’re wondering if that’s the reason Sally Field has placed her Malibu home on the market and is moving out.  Actually, probably not.  Field previously listed the five-bedroom house back in 2009 – it just didn’t sell.

Sitting on 3 ½ acres with a pool, tennis court, and horse paddock, this beauty of a house is on the market for $5.9 million, a lower price than the one, Field was asking for back in ’09.  It is interesting to note that the house was once the home of Olivia Newton John.  Looks like every celebrity relocates from this house eventually!

Although Ms. Field’s current gig is no more, we don’t think she has too much to worry about.  She’ll be temporarily relocating to Virginia this fall to star in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming movie about President Abraham Lincoln.  Field will portray Mary Todd opposite Daniel Day Lewis as good old Honest Abe.

Sally Field seems like she’s a down-to-earth, laid back actress, but we’re ready to put money on the idea that she’ll probably hire a moving company to do the dirty work for her relocation.  What do you think?

Katie Steil