Safety tips for college movers

Safety tips for college movers

University and college students will soon be heading out on their own ‒ some for the first time ‒ and many will want to bring at least some of the comforts of home with them.

It is a good idea to check whether there any rules applicable to electrical appliances in dorm rooms prior to the move.  It is also important to remember that ensuring your electrical items are safe can be crucial to your own wellbeing.  Make sure that you bring devices that are certified and bear a recognized name when you move.  The certification mark helps to make sure that the appliances have met with safety and performance standards and brand name goods are likely to be much safer than counterfeits.

You should also make certain that you have a working carbon monoxide and smoke detector installed in your dorm room.  A carbon monoxide detector in particular could save your life, given that carbon monoxide is a lethal gas and is also colorless and odorless.  Make sure that these devices also have certificate marks so that you can be sure that they have been tested to acceptable standards.

Never overload electrical outlets or extension cords.  The dorm room you move into may have a shortage of outlets; however, plugging everything into one outlet can be potentially dangerous and can even result in a fire.  Extension cords should not be used for semi-permanent installations and you should check that they are heavy enough to be able to handle the load you are intending them to support.