Safety systems in moving company storage

Safety systems in moving company storage

storageWhen you are preparing to put your possessions into storage with your moving company, there are a few questions you need to ask about its safety systems.

Fire is always a hazard and if you are storing wooden furniture or books then you are definitely going to lose these items in the event of a fire; however, it could be that your moving company storage facilities are equipped with top-of-the-range smoke detectors and perhaps a sprinkler system so that a fire can be stopped in its tracks before it takes hold. Make sure you ask what fire protection is fitted.

Next you need to consider theft and security. What type of security measures are in place?Are there security guards in attendance around the clock? What about security cameras? Are the storage units inside another building or are they containers kept in a yard? All these factors are important, no matter how long you are going to be using the storage services for.

What you are ultimately considering is whether your items are going to be as safe there as they would be in your own home – if not safer!

Your moving company rep should be happy to explain everything to you and perhaps give you a tour of the facility. Do not be shy about asking – the entire contents of your home are going to be in your moving company’s possession. Even if this is just for a few days, you need to know that your home contents are going to be well looked after.