Safety First When Moving To The New Office

Safety First When Moving To The New Office

Safety should be a major priority. From the junior employee to the CEO, no one wants to move into a new office in an unsafe manner or feel like their brand-new space is an unsafe work environment. Here are some quick tips to make sure that moving into your new office is a safe and fun experience.

Book A Service Elevator

If your office is in a multi-level building make sure to book off the service elevator well in advance. This elevator will usually be bigger and easier to maneuver your furniture and other office supplies in. In some cases, buildings have a dedicated service elevator right beside a loading dock. This will make your move a lot easier as there will be a lot less walking to and from the elevators. Not to mention by booking the service elevator you will get unfettered access to it. That means no sharing with your future neighbours and getting them irritated while you take up the elevator throughout your move.

Take Doors off Hinges

Another Major safety hazard is doors. By taking doors off hinges accidents and painful injuries can be avoided. By removing said door you can walk right into the office and set that heavy piece of furniture/equipment down in a safe manner.

Do not stack heavy boxes

A very important tip. A lot of the time when people are moving, they are only concerned with unloading boxes in a fast manner. However, if proper care is not taken boxes that are top heavy can be stacked and fall causing their contents to break or in a worse case scenario, they fall an injure someone. Keeping boxes stacked no more than 2 high and ensuring that heavy boxes are kept on the bottom will keep your work environment safe.

Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets-while seeming innocent- can be a potential hazard source. Always make sure to move filing cabinets after they have been emptied. While this does require a lot more work, it will shave off a lot of the weight and make moving a filing cabinet much lighter, easier, and safer. Also, remember to lock the drawers or tape them down if there is no lock. This will stop drawers from falling open or even falling out while you are moving.

When refilling a filing cabinet or any cabinet always remember to load the heavier items on the bottom shelf. This will prevent the cabinet from being off balance and will reduce the chance that it tips over. In order to make a filling cabinet secure and safe, after moving into a new workspace, make sure to secure it to the wall it rests on. That way if it does tip at least it won’t tip over all the way and fall on someone.

Just remember that safety is the number 1 priority when it comes to moving. Make sure you take extra precautions when necessary. It may seem like it takes you longer to complete a task initially but the potential hazards you prevent far outweigh the minor time loss.

If this seems like a lot to watch out for -the best solution is to hire an expert IOMI Certified mover, like Bekins Moving Solutions. Not only are they a professional moving service but they have the experience and the know-how in order to carry out a safe and successful office move.