Safety during an office move

Safety during an office move

Moving an office creates new hazards that are not normally part of the average day for office workers.  There is the risk of injuring yourself or others while moving heavy items of equipment; such activity can be particularly dangerous when you are accustomed to a considerably more sedentary desk job.  Care is always required during an office move, even if most of the heavy lifting is being done by hired help.

Trying to carry too much or lifting a heavy item from an off-balance position can result in permanent damage to your back.  Make sure that you get assistance either from a colleague or from a mechanical aid such as a hand truck.  If you have to move your filing cabinet or desk, make sure that it has been unloaded beforehand.

Before you lift or carry anything you should plan out the move in order to work out the best method of picking it up, the easiest route to carry it, and the simplest way to drop it off.  When you are lifting an object make certain that your knees are doing the work rather than your back.  Watch out for foot traffic in the office when you are shifting a large item.

In the midst of an office move there are often many different items lying around and some of these can be a tripping hazard.  You need to pay close attention to your surroundings at all times and watch out for any items that could trip you up.