Royal Couple Moves into Di’s Digs

Royal Couple Moves into Di’s Digs

A little more than a month after their spectacular nuptials, Prince William and his new bride Kate Middleton (now called Duchess Catherine) have decided on where they will settle when they move back to London.  The royal couple will make their new home in an apartment in Kensington Palace.  Though it will be temporary, it may weigh heavy on some hearts.

Kensington Palace was the home to Princess Diana, William’s mother, up until her death.  It also happens to be the very place where Prince William and his little brother, Prince Harry, grew up.  So, moving into the palace may feel a bit like a homecoming for the prince.

You may not know that Kensington Palace was the birthplace of Queen Victoria in 1819.  And, other royals have also made Kensington Palace their home including Princess Margaret, Prince William’s aunt.  The palace is a Jacobean mansion near Hyde Park and is also open to the public for visits and tours.  How would you like to move into a museum?

As a starter home, the couple couldn’t do much better.  While Kensington Palace will not be the permanent home of William and Kate, it will be a wonderful temporary residence.  They plan to relocate to London after William’s tour as a helicopter pilot ends sometime in 2013.

While in London, the couple has been staying with Prince Charles and Camilla at Clarence House.  Now that they are married, we say it’s about time they move out!

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