Room by room packing tips

Once you have made the decision to move house, packing your possessions becomes inevitable.  The notion of having to pack up your entire life can be a rather overwhelming one, but the good news is that it does not necessarily have to be like that.  You will have to hire a moving company for the actual transportation of your goods, and many will be only too happy to pack up your belongings for you; however, if you do not feel like paying out for this additional expense or would prefer to pack your belongings yourself, there are a number of things that you can do to come up with a plan for packing that will not end up giving you a nervous breakdown.

Whichever room you decide to pack up the contents of to start with, there are a number of general rules that you should be aware of.  For one thing, before you start, you need to make sure that you have everything you need in order to pack successfully, such as bubble wrap, tape, and boxes of many different sizes. 

The next thing to remember is that when you start to pack, rather than just chucking everything into a box in random order you should take this opportunity to sort out the possessions that you may no longer need or want.  When you are sorting out your possessions, you should also be sure to set aside things for your essential box – a box that will hold everything that you are going to need for your first few days or week in your brand new home even as you are unpacking everything else.

In addition to this, it is vital that you do not overpack boxes – you do not want your movers to be unable to lift them because they are too heavy and you need to remember that the boxes also need to be able to stack well inside the moving truck. When you are packing up a bedroom, the first place you should start is the closet.  Of all the things in a bedroom, this is the place that is the most likely to be in real need of a good sorting out.  Family members can help with the packing process by all packing up their own bedrooms, which is also an excellent method of making sure that your children feel involved in the process of moving and give them some responsibility for part of it. 

When it comes to clothing, either keep the items on their hangers or buy wardrobe boxes.  Shoes should be kept together by wrapping them in newspaper. If you have a home office, this too will need to be packed up.  Make sure that all cables and wires have been labeled so that there is no confusion as to which electronics they belong to.  Computer monitors and other potentially fragile items should be secured with bubble wrap.