Ron Burgundy plays co-anchor on real news show

Bismarck, North Dakota television viewers were given a decidedly unexpected surprise over the weekend when the news was read to them by none other than the legendary Ron Burgundy.  The Anchorman character was reprized by actor and comedian Will Ferrell for the Saturday night news broadcast by KXMB.

The former star of Saturday Night Live is promoting his new comedy sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, which follows on from the 2004 hit film about the sexist reaction of a fictional 70s news team to the addition of an ambitious female reporter.  Ferrell read the news dressed in the striped tie and rust-colored three-piece suit that is the character’s trademark.  He engaged in banter with the real Bismarck news team, punctuating his time with exaggerated eye blinks.

Burgundy popped in to co-anchor Amber Schatz’s screen during a story, while after a commercial break he told her: “You look lovely tonight,” and then inquired as to her marital status.  When she replied that was not married, Burgundy rebuked her: “Well I am, so don’t get any ideas”.  The 30-minute newscast, which has now been uploaded to many social media sites, is part of an extensive marketing campaign for the comedy sequel; the campaign has also included the Newseum in Washington DC giving Burgundy his own exhibit.

There was no advance notice given to viewers of Burgundy’s appearance.  KXMB is one of a pair of television stations affiliated with CBS that serve central and western North Dakota.