Retirement wish list

Retirement wish list

Baby boomers are retiring.  In a recent study those past the 50 year mark have been asked what they want for their retirement, such as what homes they want, where they want to move to, and much more.  The study has revealed quite a lot.  Those looking at retirement want quality health care, low taxes for activities, and affordable housing.  Retirement tends to mean relocation for many retirees.  They have spent their time living in a city for their job and now that they are free they want to get to a place with more retirement activities.

There are 78 million baby boomers approaching retirement according to the relocation poll.  About a third of these retirees stated that they are willing to go out of the state they are currently living in to find the features they want in their homes and retirement lives.  The survey has shown that high numbers of retirees want to move.  This will affect one economy, but could improve another.

Considering that many of those looking to retire and relocate want a warm climate and lower taxes, Florida tends to be a top choice.  Florida does not have state taxes and the state certainly provides a warm climate.  Washington State may not have a warm climate year round, but it is another place without state taxes and thus it has become a popular relocation destination for some.

Affordable recreation is also a part of the package.  Many retirees are willing to relocate to a place that has their favorite activities.

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