Residential self-storage

Residential self-storage

CHRONOS service provide self-storage options, though you may find that full- service storage is a better option from this pairing.  CHRONOS is compared to overnight mail, rather than sending a letter by regular mail.  In other words, the self-storage option and full-storage services are both something you may be interested in, given the specifications that the company can offer.

If you want coast-to-coast delivery and storage within seven days, then you are in the right place.  Storage can also be offered free for up to 28 days with the right contract.  You can move on schedule and obtain unique pricing for your self-storage choices.  There is tracking and security with regards to loss.

Self-storage often takes slightly longer because you move the boxes from the home to the container on your own.  Full-service storage is typically the better option if you have the funding and budget for such an option.  Even if you do not, the Bekins’ CHRONOS difference makes it worth considering both options to see if the company might save you on full-service over self-storage.

When you use self-storage options, make certain that you have packed your goods appropriately.  You do not want your clothing or other objects to be packed incorrectly, meaning that they may sustain damage over the long-term; rather, you want your goods to be as good as new when you are ready to unpack them from the facility.