Residential growth for The Colony

Residential growth for The Colony

The Colony looks like it is becoming the go-to area for big business; however, it is not just investors who are angling to move to the city by the lake, with nature lovers, small families and first-time homeowners also lining up to call the place home.

The economic development director for the Colony, Keri Samford, says that over 4,000 new residents have made the move to the city in just the last two years since 2010.  “Our population growth has steadily increased, which has helped us keep our tax rate flat during these tough economical times,” says Mayor Joe McCourry.  “Where everyone else is seeing some really severe dives, our community continues to attract people.”

McCourry believes that it is the city’s people-friendly attitude and community-oriented vibe that has contributed to its recent rise in population.  “Our population has continually and steadily grown in small increments, but at least it’s continuing to grow,” he points out.  “Now that our future looks so bright, we really do expect the population to boom within the next three to five years.”

There are also a number of other factors that have helped to contribute to the growth. These include The Tribute Golf Course, which has two nationally ranked golf courses and a whole community being built around them. McCourry points out that this is a big draw, with golf being a big activity in the business world and a lot of business actually getting done on the course.

Lance Grooms