Removing tension and stress from your move

Removing tension and stress from your move

Moving can create excellent opportunities, such as new beginnings, social connections and careers.  The bad news is that relocation is often a tense and stressful time that can make it seem a somewhat less than desirable prospect.  The US Census Bureau says that 35% of the people in America move at least once every five years; therefore, there are many people who would like to find ways to make the process simpler.

One good tip is to carefully review everything you are packing for the move.  Items that you have not used for a long time and are unlikely to use again should be given to charity, listed in classified ads or sold at a garage sale.

You should take an inventory of your remaining possessions that you want to take with you on the move and make sure that they are properly cleaned, organized and sorted.  In this way they can be packed quickly and easily located after the move has been completed.

Another good idea is to make sure that your new home is secure before you move in.  Installing a home security and automation system  allows you to not only monitor the security of your new home but also to unlock doors, control thermostats and adjust lights, all via the touch of an app.

When you get to your new home, unpack one room on the very first day to provide a safe haven during the rest of the process.