Remodeling? Consider Portable Storage Containers

Remodeling? Consider Portable Storage Containers

When you are remodeling or renovating your home, things can get pretty messy. Dust, paint, debris, and who knows what else may be flying around your home. You will probably want to move your furniture and other belongings out of your home temporarily to avoid getting damaged or dirty. Of course, where do you exactly put all your furniture? A simple and fast solution is to use portable storage containers.

What Can Portable Storage Containers Do?

Portable storage containers are a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective way of dealing with your stuff during a remodeling project or renovation. Getting a portable storage container is easy. Simply call a local storage company and they will place a storage unit right in your driveway or yard!  No more worrying about transporting your stuff to and from your house, as they will provide a pickup service. Place your furniture inside the container and either keep it on your property or call for pickup and temporary storage.

What are the Benefits of Portable Storage Containers?

Many homeowners shy away from the idea of using a portable storage container when they are remodeling because they have some concerns. However, as long as you get your container from a reputable moving and storage company, you have nothing to fear. Benefits of portable storage containers include:

  •    Completely weatherproof inside
  •    Convenient pickup and drop off
  •    More affordable than drive to storage units
  •    Complete secure locking mechanisms
  •    No business hours for storage or entry

With so many benefits, it is no wonder more and more homeowners are choosing portable storage containers over traditional storage methods for temporary renovation and remodeling storage.

Choose a Reputable Storage Company

Choose your storage company wisely, as there are several out there that are less-than-reliable. When a storage company offers bottom-dollar pricing on portable storage containers, it should send up a red flag. Some companies will add long lists of fees and add-ons, which quickly add up to more than you originally planned on spending. Some companies take your belongings and hold them for ransom. Find a storage company with a long history of positive customer reviews. You can check their business accreditation, customer history, and much more online. Make a list of two or three storage companies and compare prices. Following this process will help you to get quality service along with a reasonable price.

If you are remodeling and need assistance with short-term or long-term storage, contact myBekins. Call [phone] to speak with one of our friendly customer representatives.

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