Relocation Goals of the HR Department

Relocation Goals of the HR Department

What is the purpose of the Human Resources department when it comes to employee relocation? HR’s goal is to ensure relocation assistance is still within the company’s budget. They also act as a resource for the employee to assist them in achieving a smooth transition. They are fantastic at guiding the employee through local and cross-country moves as well as taking care of all the necessary company paperwork that relocation can create. Bekins Moving Solutions has worked with countless HR departments and employees to help with relocations all over the world! Here is a bit more information about the role HR plays and their goals when it comes to relocation.

Relocation Packages

To entice an out-of-town employee, companies will often offer a reasonable relocation package. A relocation incentive package not only makes the transition to a new city easier, but it can also be used to enhance the job offer. Most HR departments offer a package that includes the reimbursement of moving expenses, compensation for hotel stays and meals, and even may include the purchase or rental of a new home in the city.

Negotiation of Relocation Packages

During the hiring process, the employee and the HR department may negotiate the terms of a relocation package. Both parties must agree to establish what is included with the employee’s relocation. It is up to the HR department to work out such negotiations and determine the terms at the behest of the company. After the parameters of the relocation package are set, the HR department will assist the employee in scheduling, paperwork, and setting a timeline for the move.

General Guidelines for the HR Department

The basic guidelines any HR department should follow are pretty clear-cut, especially when it comes to relocation. The main thing is that the department makes the relocation as seamless and stress-free as possible for both the company and the employee. HR departments should do the following:

  • Confirm the relocation budget with the financial department.
  • Know the moving company rates, policies, and procedures.
  • Ask the moving company about their experience in employee relocation.
  • Discuss all additional relocation expenses and policies with the new employee.
  • Keep all receipts and invoices organized.
  • Offer information on the new city such as schools, local events, and neighborhoods.
  • Put together a moving package for the new employee containing valuable company and city-based information.

Finding the Right Moving Company

HR employees can spend hours searching for a reliable and affordable moving company. Thankfully, once you have found Bekins Moving Solutions, your search is over! Our moving professionals know the ins and outs of employee relocation. We offer everything you need to make your employee relocation a success. From packing, moving, and even storage, Bekins Moving Solutions can provide you with an accurate moving estimate that can make organizing an employee’s move a breeze.

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