Relocating A Treehouse May Seem Impossible Until Y …

Relocating A Treehouse May Seem Impossible Until Y …

When you first built a treehouse around the big oak tree growing in your backyard, you probably never thought about moving it. While it may seem like the best option to just leave the treehouse there, it can be heartbreaking trying to explain this to your little ones. That’s also not to mention all of the money you’ll lose if you leave the treehouse behind. So, keep your children happy and bring the memories along with you as you move into a new chapter in life with these tips on relocating a treehouse.

Call Over Some Friends

While you may think you can relocate a treehouse on your own, it’s always recommended to get some friends to help. Standing on a ladder with power equipment and pieces of the treehouse coming loose is never a task one should handle on their own. So, call some of your friends, tempt them with some beverages and pizza, and make a day out of relocating the treehouse.

Leave the Parts That Are Replaceable

Relocating a treehouse is a difficult task. So, leave the replaceable parts, such as the posts, if plausible. These items are fairly easy to dig up but it’s transporting them that’s often the problem. While they may seem small in comparison to your treehouse, they’re heavy and require a lot of manpower to move. So, use the old posts and cut them up for firewood or some other handy work. You can buy new posts that also come with delivery to your new home.

Gather all the Ropes, Straps and Bungee Cords

Channel your inner creativity and think of all the items you can use to pull, push, lift, and tug away at the treehouse – without breaking it. Things such as ropes, straps, and bungee cords are all useful materials to have around when relocating a treehouse. They are required to relocate a treehouse but they’ll make the process significantly easier.

Say Goodbye to the Tree

If your treehouse is built with a tree trunk through it, you’ll have to cut the tree down. It’s the only way to relocate the treehouse without taking it completely apart. In order to do this, you will have to have supports ready and ropes tied up to hold the treehouse in place as you remove its main support. Although you may really love the tree house, you may want to reconsider cutting down the tree for it.

Use a Dolly for Heavy lifting

Forbid the back strain as much as possible and use dollies to transport heavy materials. This tip combined with the prior will keep you going from dusk to dawn – which is precisely how long it’ll take to relocate a treehouse.

Create Makeshift Supports

At one point, the posts will be detached and the treehouse will be sitting mid-air, or rather, mid-tree. Create makeshift supports to ensure optimal safety throughout the project. If you can jack up the treehouse, all the better.

Create a Platform and Lift

An effective way to relocate a treehouse that’s currently sitting on makeshift supports is to build a temporary platform that the treehouse can “sit” on. Construct one that is slightly larger than the circumference of the treehouse, with cross boards running underneath it for support. Drill in hooks and attach large straps that extend up and above the treehouse, and attached to something directly above it. With your friends, hold the treehouse in place as someone or something (such as heavy machinery) lifts the treehouse off of its supports. With the help of your friends, you can slowly move the treehouse away from the supports and down onto the ground, flatbed, dolly, or whatever you’re using to get the treehouse to your new home.

Rent Big Equipment

Renting a huge crane may seem like a large expense for a treehouse but the tears streaming down your children’s faces when it’s time to leave it behind will be enough to make you reconsider. So, if the budget calls for it, rent a crane and other large equipment to lift the treehouse right off of its supports. Then, transfer it to the truck and transport it over to your new house. Use the crane to lift it back into place and you’ve officially relocated a treehouse.

As you install the treehouse into a new location in the backyard of your new humble abode, consider using flexible joints just in case you have to move again.