Relocating to Chicago? Neighborhoods to consider

Relocating to Chicago? Neighborhoods to consider

Chicago has 77 official neighborhoods for you to consider when moving there, and here is a little information on a few of them. These neighborhoods can all be found in the city’s North Side and are ideal for those who want to live in popular areas.

The first neighborhood to consider for your relocation to Chicago is Lincoln Park. This is a popular area with young adults, and property in the area is mainly condos. Despite the popularity, the area is not that expensive for rents and there are plenty of social opportunities here with a range of restaurants, bars and clubs.

Next up is Old Town, known for its wealth of creative residents and its historic buildings. There are plenty of cultural events happening here, including the annual art fair, plays and other performances. The stores here tend to be unique and independent rather than the usual retail chains, making the area popular with arts and crafts types.

Gold Coast is as affluent as it sounds and is situated on the northern coast. High rises and mansions can be found here and, as you might expect, it is not the cheapest area to live in. Everything here seems to be edging towards ‘upmarket’ – great if you have plenty of funds for your move to Chicago.

For family life, you might want to consider Roscoe Village. This is a fairly small Chicago neighborhood and there is a great community feel to the area. It boasts one of the city’s lowest crime rates and stores here tend to be small boutiques.