Relocating a piece of art

Relocating a piece of art

Paintings can be among the most valuable and beautiful possessions we have in our homes, and this is why they have to be treated with a great deal of care when you are in the process of making a move.  There are a number of tips to assist you with moving artwork.

Paintings can affect the look of an entire room and are a reflection of our personal tastes, adding identity and style to our homes.  Paintings can have great value, both monetary and sentimental, and while the relocation of a piece of art might seem like a simple enough task, there are a number of things that you should do to ensure that they will not be damaged in the process.  Just one simple error could have serious consequences.

You should purchase enough packing materials to be able to cover the fragile surface of your painting, taking into account its dimensions.  Plenty of moving tape and bubble wrap can be made use of for this task, but packing can still be risky.  You need to take extra care to avoid damaging your painting and not allow the painting to be touched by the packing tape, as this can move the colors.

To prevent such damage, all you have to do is place paper on the painting prior to wrapping and make sure that the surface has been completely covered.  Supermarkets sell frame placing corner protectors that are very useful for the relocation of a painting.

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