Relaxation Day

Relaxation Day

Relaxation Day takes place on 15th August every year and is a great excuse to take a day to just lay back and do absolutely nothing.  What a fabulous idea! The hustle, bustle and stress of life in the 21st century seems to consume every one of us for every day of the year, with even Sundays no longer being the island of rest and relaxation that used to be.

Anyone who has a hectic lifestyle will thus very much look forward to Relaxation Day, providing a break from the insanity of your busy personal and work schedule.  Today is the day to do absolutely nothing, or at the very least to enjoy your favorite relaxation technology.

The rule for 15th August is to avoid all stressful activities.  For instance, even if your favorite hobby is golf, if it causes you any stress at all, then do it another time.  Spending Relaxation Day in a hammock would be far more appropriate.

Precisely where the idea of Relaxation Day came from seems to be something of a mystery, although it seems that its biggest promoters these days appear to be health spas!

There are a number of possible activities to enjoy on Relaxation Day, including going to a spa, having a picnic in the park, going fishing, doing a little gardening (albeit nothing heavy) or taking a bubble bath.  Other possibilities include going to the movies, spending the day at the beach, or just doing absolutely nothing!