Reduce the stress of moving

Reduce the stress of moving

Moving is a hassle.  It is such a hassle that, according to a recent survey, 72% of people in the United States would rather do almost any kind of unpleasant activity, including going to the dentist, sitting in traffic or drinking expired milk, than have to move house. Incredibly, as many as one in four people would rather do without having a vacation for two years than have to undergo relocation.

That is rather disturbing, especially when you consider that the truth is that moving a house does not have to be that much of a nightmare if you take note of a few tips and tricks designed to ease the pain.  Moving a house does not, and should not, be as bad as some people think it is.

One thing to think about is the timing of your move.  The best times to move a house are in spring or late fall.  It is also a good idea to try to steer clear of the last, first and middle day of any month if you can.  If you are intending to move during the summer, you should book at least one month prior to moving day.  For fall, spring and winter, you may not need to book more than two weeks in advance but the earlier you do, the better.  One good thing is that if you have the flexibility to be able to move your schedule around the availability of your mover, you might also be able to land yourself a better deal.

You should also keep in mind what the local weather is like where you are.  This is something that can be a crucial factor in places such as Boston, where snowstorms can be a common occurrence in winter, and Phoenix, where the heat in the summer months can often be extreme.

Before you move, you should inquire about certain things with regards to your future abode, particularly regarding restrictions on scheduling for your moving in date and time.  If you are moving to an apartment, you should be sure to inquire about elevator restrictions – you do not want to end up with your movers having to take a couch up ten flights of stairs due to elevator restrictions!

Organizing a move does not have to be overly complicated or stressful either.  You can color coordinate with a particular color sticker for every box based in a particular room, which will avoid you having to direct traffic at the other end as your movers will be fully aware of where everything needs to go when you arrive.

You should also pack a separate box or bag of must-have items, such as toothbrushes, a change of clothes and basic toiletries.  This means that you will not have to end up searching through boxes for these necessities following a long moving day.  Another tip is to make use of as much luggage as you can by filling suitcases and duffel bags with essential items.

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