Recent storm in Midwest may have you thinking relo …

Recent storm in Midwest may have you thinking relo …

A massive storm hit the Midwest leaving ten dead and over 200 injured.  The storm brought with it at least two tornadoes.  The Midwest is well known as a place for tornadoes to hit.  Sometimes relocating to Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky and even Tennessee can be dangerous.  Much of the damage occurred in Hodgenville, Kentucky this time.  A smaller tornado touched down near Branson, Missouri.

Branson, Missouri is considered a great retirement area for those who love gambling, golfing and luxury.  If you were thinking of a move there for your retirement, you might want to consider the troubles of tornadoes.

Any time you consider moving, it is a good idea to understand the different weather systems that might affect the area.  For example, Colorado offers blizzards in the mountains, tornadoes in the flat lands and thunderstorms in summer.  North Carolina can also be affected by rain, tornadoes and snowstorms, and the coastal areas have to be worried about hurricane season.

There is almost nowhere in the USA that will be weather damage free, so it may be in your best interest to choose to relocate somewhere that you can stand the weather, whether you choose the Midwest and tornadoes or blizzards in mountain towns.  A move should definitely be considered if major storm damage, such as the Midwest storm, would be something you must contend with.  This time it was the mid-Atlantic region of the Midwest rather than further west in Kansas.

Jon Huser