Reasons to move to San Clemente

Reasons to move to San Clemente

A little south of Los Angeles is the city of San Clemente. This is a popular area for a number of reasons; therefore, if you want to move to California and be within easy reach of the bigger cities, this could be the destination for you.

The population of San Clemente has grown by more than 25% since 2000, taking it to more than 63,000. While it is not as busy as Los Angeles, it is not going to offer you rural tranquility. House prices are rising here and you need to move quickly if you do not want to be priced out of the market. The fact that prices are continuing to rise means that property here is a good investment, which is expected to be the case for a while.

The cost of living in San Clemente is much higher than the national average. This may sound like a reason to avoid the area; however, it reflects the quality of life here. Job prospects, for example, are better than in most areas. The unemployment rate is lower than the national average and the number of available jobs in San Clemente has risen slightly over the last year.

You also need to consider the amenities if you want to move to San Clemente. The city is ideally located close to some great beaches and there are plenty of entertainment options. The city has some great bars and restaurants and there are plenty of outdoor spaces where you and your family can enjoy the good weather.