Real Estate is Geeking Out

Real Estate is Geeking Out

The real estate world has changed forever. Move over paper listing, hello SmartPhone! Technology has definitely made its mark. With mobile apps, social media, and GPS, the way people shop for a house seems to have changed forever.

In fact, real estate has changed for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. So whether you’re looking to move to a new neighborhood or are selling a house, you might want to know just how things are “geeking” out. The rise of SmartPhones has a lot to do with this shift in the real estate paradigm. People interested in moving have more information at their fingertips and those selling their homes have more ways to connect with potential buyers. The real estate shake-up may lead to a dramatic change in the industry.

There are a number of websites dedicated to real estate including Zillow, Trulia, and These websites also offer applications for SmartPhones which help in the hunt for a new house. They pinpoint your location and then show you what’s for sale in the area. These sites and applications have proven to be real game-changers for the real estate industry.

Today’s house hunter wants to know everything they can about a particular area – and who wouldn’t want to know as much as possible about where they might move? SmartPhones, apps, and websites all provide a plethora of information on neighborhood statistics, schools, house prices, and so on.

In fact, some realtors are a little worried – some of these apps might actually make them obsolete!

Lance Grooms