Quieter Los Angeles neighborhoods

Quieter Los Angeles neighborhoods

You most probably think that Los Angeles is a bustling city with no quiet residential areas.  The image of the city is one of constant noise and movement but if you want to move to Los Angeles you will be pleased to know that there are places that will suit you and your family if you want to avoid too much noise.

Why not consider Mount Washington?  This can be found on the hills next to the city and it is very quiet when compared with most other places.  The views here are great and you are close enough to the city to travel in when you need to but far away enough to feel as though you are not living in the city at all.

The fairly quiet neighborhood of Lynwood could also be on the list for your LA relocation.  The culture here is mainly Latino but there is a very strong community feel.  There are plenty of produce markets and while it is 15 miles from the city, getting in and out is relatively easy thanks to the Lynwood Trolley that takes you to the Metro stations.

Then there is Westlake.  This is fairly close to the city center and is perfect if public transport is a prime consideration.  However, it also offers plenty of parkland for a more open feel and is home to a strong Central and South American community.  This is a popular area with commuters who work in the downtown area of the city.