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Questions to Ask When Looking for a Storage Facility

You may be about to move home and be looking for somewhere to store either all or at least some of your possessions.  If you have done the initial research and narrowed your choice down to a list of a handful of potential storage facilities, you will need to make an appointment to visit these facilities in question to make observations and ask questions. This may not be possible with each option.

There are a number of things you need to make a note of when touring a storage facility you are considering making use of, such as the type of security system it has in place, whether the grounds are patrolled by security staff and at what intervals, and whether every building comes equipped with a smoke alarm.

Other things that you would be well advised to establish include whether smoking is permitted inside any of the buildings in the storage facility, whether you have unlimited access to your particular storage unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and whether the storage company is able to provide you with any references.  You might also want to ask whether you can rent your storage unit on a monthly basis and whether there have been any break-ins there.

When you visit the storage facility you should also observe whether the buildings and the grounds outside are well maintained and taken care of, and whether there is good lighting in all areas. Some options will be full-service and others will be do it yourself options.  Each has pro’s and con’s and totally depends on your situation.

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