Questions about moving a car

Questions about moving a car

If you want to take a motor vehicle with you when you move, the chances are that you will have a number of questions about the process of hiring a moving company to perform this task.  Here are the answers to some of the most common questions regarding moving a car.

The great majority of moving companies that will be able to move a car will do their best to be accommodating and flexible with you; however, in terms of advance notice it is best to get in touch with them no earlier than 90 days prior to relocation and no later than 30 days before.  Most car moving companies will offer some level of valuation coverage within their basic price and it is a good idea to ask how much this amounts to and whether there is an additional level of coverage available for a higher fee; if not, you can always shop elsewhere for extra coverage.

If you are shipping a classic or very expensive motor vehicle, many auto transporters and car moving companies will offer enclosed trailers as an additional service to provide protection from the elements during relocation. Moving your vehicle with your goods will be very costly due to the amount of space your vehicle will take up.  More common is that consumers choose to drive their vehicle or have it moved with a car hauler.

You will have to ask the moving company you intend to use whether it matters if your car is in working condition.  Some firms will be happy to move vehicles that are not operational, while others will not.  Make sure that the moving company you choose is aware of what condition your car is in.