Putting items into storage

Putting items into storage

Packing your possessions in the right way from the very beginning will save time and ensure that your items are maintained in the best condition possible.  The great majority of storage facilities will be able to offer you specialist packaging materials, which it is a good idea to take advantage of.

One good tip is to avoid attempting to move drawers and/or wardrobes while they are full.  They should be filled only when they have been fully assembled and put into position in their new home after your relocation.  Personal goods and items of clothing should be packed into strong and secure cartons, while cushions should be wrapped in plastic and the legs of furniture should be removed wherever possible in order to save on space and prevent damage.

Lounges should be vacuumed before being placed into storage to ensure that lingering food crumbs do not end up attracting vermin.  Furniture should not be put directly onto the floor, with material or plastic being the preferred choices to cushion heavy items.  Chairs should be stacked seat to seat, separated by either cloth or paper, while all items of furniture should be covered over, particularly reclining chairs, sofas, and anything of real value.

When it comes to white goods such as fridges and freezers, all such items should be clean, dry and empty before being placed into storage, with doors left somewhat ajar in order to prevent the build-up of mold.

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