Putting items into storage

Putting items into storage

There are some items that should not be put into storage under any circumstances.  These include goods that are illegal, hazardous, explosive, inflammable, stolen, perishable or harmful to the environment, and those that cause a risk to any person such as chlorine, full gas bottles, petrol tins and paint thinner.

If you are intending to put electrical items into storage then it is best to put them in the boxes that they originally came in.  If this is not possible, it might be a good idea to talk to your storage facility and see if it has any specialty boxes intended for use with electrical items.  All electrical equipment should be dry and clean before being placed into storage, and any items placed on or near electrical goods should be stable and not likely to fall or to cause any damage to their surfaces.

When it comes to glass or breakable items, mirrors and pictures should be wrapped up in proper picture/mirror cartons if possible, or at least in cardboard.  Heavy items should never be stacked on top of cartons containing breakables, while bowls, plates and saucers should be placed on their sides in order to try to prevent any breakages.  Breakables should be packed in sturdy boxes marked ‘fragile’.

Never attempt to move drawers and wardrobes when they are full, as you can easily break them or risk injuring yourself.  They should be filled only once they have been moved into storage and have been completely reassembled.