Protecting goods in storage

Protecting goods in storage

Anyone paying good money to put their possession in storage no doubt wants them to come out in the same good condition that they went in; therefore, protecting such items is likely to be a major priority.  Fortunately there are some good tips to help you to keep your possessions safe throughout their time in storage.

When transporting and putting your items into storage, make sure the professional company covers or wraps them with a variety of different protective products such as butcher’s paper, removalist felt blankets, plastic lounge and mattress covers, and extra-wide bubble wrap. Whatever they recommend given the item.  You might also want to place some items inside tea chests, book packing boxes, port-a-robe packing boxes and wine packing boxes.

Fragile items can be better protected when placed in storage by being individually wrapped in bubble wrap or butcher’s paper; make sure that the cartons they are in are labeled ‘fragile’.  Fragile cartons should never be placed at the bottom when being stored.  Items of clothing can be protected by making certain that they are clean and ironed before being packed and by placing cedar blocks or some other form of anti-moth product in the box with them. Most facilities the use of anti-moth will not be required since your items will be packed into a wooden crate and completely sealed.

Books should always be packed flat to avoid causing damage to the spines.  Fragile items should never be packed in the same box as books, which should always be packed in small boxes only.  Goods should be separated using felt blankets, cardboard, bubble wrap or cushions, both during relocation and while in storage. Your professional moving consultant will be able to answer any further questions you may have or go here for additional storage resources.