How To Properly Organize Your Storage Unit

How To Properly Organize Your Storage Unit

As the saying goes, ‘organization is key’. In order to get the most out of your self-storage unit, it needs to be properly organized. However, while standing in the midst of mountains made of boxes and storage containers, finding where to start can be difficult.

We highly recommend organizing your storage unit the first time you add your belongings into it and to continue maintaining it moving forward to avoid any difficulties or the need to re-organize all over again in the future. Although, whether you are only beginning to store items in a storage unit or already have yours stacked to the sky, it’s never too late to implement these proper organization techniques.

Use Durable, Stackable Storage Containers and Boxes

One tipsy box can quickly turn into a game of giant Jenga or worse, an abundance of broken items. So, it’s absolutely imperative to store all of your belongings in quality, durable storage containers, and boxes. However, we also recommend opting for storage containers and boxes that can be stacked to take full advantage of the vertical storage space available in your unit.
At the very least, forgo storing your belongings in damaged boxes or any type of bags as both can trap moisture which can result in mold and mildew, while also making it significantly more different to stack and store.

Make Sure Everything is Properly Labeled

Now that you have proper storage containers and boxes, it’s time to make sure everything is properly labeled. It’s important to label your boxes on the top and sides for optimal organization and recognition. You’ll always want to have the labels as large as possible so that they can easily be read. This can be as simple as writing in large font with a color-specific permanent marker or wrapping different strips of printed duct tape around the boxes. Again, the labeling system you use should be clearly described on your floor plan.

Keep the Containers You’ll Need to Access Close to the Front

If there are certain items you intend to access more frequently than others or within the near future, storing them at the front will make for easy convenience. With storage like Bekins Moving Solutions provides, you will have assistance putting everything in the warehouse. Be sure to discuss which boxes will need to be accessed the most often and they will make sure they get put in the front.

An unorganized storage unit can lead to all sorts of problems, or at the very least, difficulties. Fortunately, these easy organization techniques will help you get the best experience and use out of your storage unit.