Process for an international move

Process for an international move

The thought of an international move can be daunting and it is very tempting to simply pack a suitcase and go, leaving everything else behind. However, when you hire the services of a professional moving company there is no need for you to abandon your belongings, as professional movers can help to make the process fairly stress-free.

First of all, a professional moving company can complete your packing for you. There are certain procedures involved when moving abroad and it is worth hiring professional packers to do the job. Once the packing has been completed, the boxes and furniture will be loaded onto a container or into wooden crates. This will depend upon the amount of items you are taking with you and the distance you are traveling.

The crates/container are then taken to the appropriate shipping port and are cleared by customs before they are shipped out. Your items may be traveling by sea or by air; again, this will depend upon amount and distance. There will be another customs clearance when your possessions reach their destination. The length of time this takes really does depend upon the processes at the other end and you may need to brace yourself for a bill for taxes. There may be nothing to pay, but this really does depend upon the destination.

After this, another delivery company – pre-approved by your movers – will take the items from customs and deliver them to your home. This delivery company may even be able to unpack for you.