Preparing your property for inspection

Preparing your property for inspection

If you have ever moved house, you will probably not have purchased your new home without having had a good look at it first.  The same will be true for any potential buyers for your home if you have decided that the time has come for you to move, so you will need to make certain that your property is able to stand up to scrutiny both from purchasers and surveyors.

If buyers are not happy with what they find, they may cut down their offer on your home.  It is therefore crucial to pass an inspection in order to sell your property for the price that you want.

Whether you are about to move in or move out of a property, the last thing that anyone wants to find in their home is mold.  Mold is frequently unseen and certainly does not make any noise, but its presence is certainly felt in a number of other ways, including smell, being found by an inspector or even by physical reactions, and illnesses – mold is not just ugly, it can also be dangerous.

Any electrical appliances that are being sold with the property need to be in proper working order and so does the wiring in your home.  A shiny new light fitting or plug socket might look terrific, but if the wiring beneath it is unreliable or old it could pose a serious hazard.  Outlets that are situated near water will be subjected to especially close inspection.

Jon Huser