Preparing your home for a move

Preparing your home for a move

Homes come in all manner of sizes and shapes.  You may currently have a small residence but be about to move to a larger one or vice versa; in either case, you need to make certain that nothing is left behind or lost and try to save as much money during the relocation process as you possibly can.  The following tips may be of help:

One good tip is to keep a notebook handy at all times.  It is crucial that you keep track of the kind of items that are being grouped together.  Going through your cupboards and drawers and getting rid of items that are broken or that you no longer have any use for is also a good idea.  There is no point paying to move items that you are only going to throw away at a later date.

Magazines and books should be grouped together before the move.  Setting up an attractive bookshelf when you arrive at your new home after the move will be a lot easier if your books and magazines have been packed together and you do not have to spend time looking through multiple different boxes.

If you have a computer, you should back up your files before it is packed for relocation.  All important files should be backed up on a minimum of two different media: external hard drives, CDs, the cloud or USB thumb drives.  You might even want to make your inventory list on your computer before packing it.