Preparing to move into a college apartment

Preparing to move into a college apartment

It is heading towards the time of year when college students from all over the United States are starting to get ready for another year of school and for moving into new apartments in time for the fall semester.  Whether you will be sharing with college friends or living by yourself, it is crucial to be aware of your responsibilities and your rights as a tenant and to review the lease before you move in.

A lease for an apartment should always include details about how repair and maintenance issues are handled and whose responsibility it is to repair or replace something that breaks.  You also need to confirm exactly how much rent you need to pay and what this covers.

Other vital information you should know before relocation to a new apartment includes the conditions attached to your security deposit and how you can make certain that you will get your deposit back in full when the time comes for you to vacate the premises.  You should also be fully aware of whether pets are allowed and about pet deposits and any other associated fees.

In order to protect yourself when you move into a new apartment, you should document the condition that the apartment is in when you arrive and note all defects or flaws so that you will not be held responsible for them at a later date.  Photographic evidence is advisable, as is keeping a copy of your lease somewhere safe for easy reference.