Preparing to move an office

The first step to moving an office is to find a professional moving company that will be committed to offering you a realistic and comprehensive picture of the whole process in order to make certain that you end up with a totally successful relocation.  The company will send an estimator to your office to survey your facilities and determine the level of manpower that will be needed, the amount and kinds of equipment and materials that will be required, and the logistics of the move, including access to elevators and streets. The estimator should also double check with the management of your building in order to make absolutely certain that certificates of insurance have been filed correctly and that there will be no other large deliveries set to take place at the same time as your relocation. 

Following the survey, the moving company will send a foreman to your office to color-code the whole project. Around two weeks before the relocation takes place you should provide your moving company with two sets of finished floor plans, after which a numbering and coloring system can be inaugurated. 

Floor plans will be color-coded to make all equipment and furniture easy to identify, while also affording an accurate and fast movement of office items with a much simplified methodology of placing the items at their final destination. One week before the move, pressure sensitive tags bearing the precise location of every item should be applied to all equipment and furniture to make it easy for them to be set into position at the new office.

Gene Salaz