Preparing to move an office

Preparing to move an office

When moving an office you need to find a moving company that is committed to giving you a realistic and complete picture of the moving process in order to deliver a successful relocation.  An estimator will come to your office to survey your facilities and during this process they will work out the manpower required, the amount and kind of materials and equipment required, and the logistics of the move in relation to street access and elevators.

Your moving company should check with the management of your building to make sure that it has certificates of insurance on file and that on the day of the move there are not going to be any other major deliveries taking place at the same time.  Subsequent to the survey a company foreman will be sent to your office to color-code the whole project.

Around a week before the move, the moving company should have finished labeling all your items of furniture and equipment.  Pressure-sensitive tags that bear the precise location of every piece should be applied to every article of equipment and furniture to make it easy to set them in the right positions in your new office.

All furniture that is to be left behind will likewise be marked with ‘do not move’ tags.  Unwanted materials or papers should be disposed of, as this will greatly cut down on the amount of loads that need to be moved and thus also reduce your expenses.