Preparing for your office move

Preparing for your office move

Moving an office can be a very difficult experience, which makes it all the more important to be aware of everything that needs to be done to ensure that the move is organized in the most efficient manner possible.  Here are a few helpful tips to make this process easier.

Planning is crucial to a successful office move.  The greater amount of time spent on the move, the more money your business will be losing; the faster you can have your relocation arranged, the less negative impact this will have on your business as a whole.  One good tip is to ensure that you have scouted the location for your new office.  It can be very helpful to take measurements of all the rooms in your new office to ensure that your current office furniture will fit in.

Before you make a move to a new office location you need to come up with a floor plan, which is then distributed to all your employees.  The location of plants, furniture and office equipment should be detailed by floor to reduce confusion for all involved.

One person should be appointed to be responsible for all the logistics and communications associated with your office relocation.  Communication is vital when you are moving a business, as everyone from employees to landlords to clients to utility companies needs to be kept informed throughout the process.