Preparing for the big move

Preparing for the big move

The first step you need to take when you make the decision to move house is to come up with a comprehensive checklist of everything that you will need to do and take into consideration before the move takes place.  This is a very important method that can be of considerable assistance when it comes to keeping a sense of perspective on everything that you will need to take care of, and it will help you to prioritize so that the move becomes an efficient and well-organized process.

The great majority of the most complicated tasks involved with organizing a move – such as finding a moving company, connecting electricity, gas and phone, and making sure that you have notified your change of address to all of your most important contacts – can be handled the moment that the move has been confirmed; however, there are a number of other things that will have to be taken care of, such as finding storage, cleaners, trailer hire, and the removal of any rubbish from your home.

Around one month before relocation takes place, you should settle any bills that you may have outstanding, create an inventory of items that you want to take with you, and then separate these items into different categories such as giveaway, garage sale, disposal, moving and storage.  If you are making a move to a completely new city then you need to make sure that you have done your research on the place before you get there to ensure that you know the location of places such as local supermarkets, petrol stations and hospitals.  If you have children you will also want to check the child care facilities that exist in your new local area and arrange the transfer of the school records of your children to their new school.

You should also back up the hard drive on your computer, while making sure that both your scanner and your printer are able to be securely packed for transportation.  Your family’s dental, medical, school and vet records should all be collected.  If you have a landlord you will also need to formally notify them of the date on which you will be vacating the premises and set up an inspection of the property to make sure that you will be able to recoup your bond.  You might also want to review your car and home and contents insurance, and have the apartment cleaned before inspection.

Three weeks before you make the move you should start packing, beginning with items that are not used very often, such as those stored in your attic, basement or garage.  Unwanted items should be disposed of, possibly by arranging a garage sale or giving them away to charity.  Waterbeds should be drained and disassembled for travel, as should any built-in fittings and fixtures, prefabricated furniture, and outdoor items such as cubby houses or swing sets.

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