Preparing for an office move

Preparing for an office move

office Moving an office can be a complicated business; however, the actual physical move can be made a good deal easier if you are aware of a few simple tips.

One such tip is to make sure that all desks have been emptied prior to relocation and that their contents have been packed into boxes.

Small or loose items, including current working papers, books, letter trays and other desk items, need to be sealed inside paper envelopes or plastic bags and then packed inside boxes alongside other items.  When it comes to filing cabinets, these do not necessarily need to be emptied before the move but all drawers should be locked or securely fastened with string or tape.

If you have highly-confidential files that have security regulations attached to them, make special arrangements with the professional moving company you have hired before relocation if security escorts will be necessary.

Any trash needs to be thrown out prior to the day of the move.  If you have an enormous amount of rubbish that needs to be thrown away then you may need to get special permission from city authorities to place industrial-size dumpsters in front of your office building.  The upside is that the more rubbish you throw away, the fewer items you need to take with you to your new office; however, it is important to make certain that you do not accidentally throw out any important items.