Preparing for an office move

Preparing for an office move

You should begin preparing for an office move between three and six months prior to the actual event.  You should first work out what your company’s budget will be for the relocation and confirm how many employees will be making the move with you.

One good tip is to get hold of the floor plans for both your new and your current office.  You will also need to make a decision about whether you want your members of staff to be responsible for the packing of their own work areas and to get in touch with your proposed and current building management in order to get details about any rules concerning making a move and any requirements and regulations that might need to be adhered to.

At this point you should make contact with at least three professional moving companies and get written quotes from each.  You should research every moving company that you get in touch with and make sure that they are registered, that they are licensed and insured, and that they have a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau.

Check out your insurance options for the move and once you have made a decision about which company to go with, make a reservation as soon as you possibly can.  A couple of months before relocation you should meet with all your employees and review the move. Valuation coverage should be available through the moving company.  Valuation coverage and insurance are not the same.  be sure to ask about how they differ.