Preparing for a military move

Preparing for a military move can be tough, but it can be made much easier for both you and your partner by sitting down to talk about the relocation.   Once you receive your new orders the first step is to read them and make certain that all the information contained within is correct.

If your new orders are for duty overseas then you need to make sure that all of your dependents are listed, assuming that they will be accompanying you.  Some branches of the service insist that the names of all dependents are listed on the orders.  If you spot any discrepancies then you need to bring them – and any other concerns you may have – up with the appropriate personnel.

You should make copies of your orders, which you can provide to various firms such as cell phone companies.  If you will need to put an end to a cell phone contract then you will have to be able to show them your orders to prove that you are making a move elsewhere.  If the relocation is overseas then you will also need to make a number of copies for the purpose of traveling.  It is always a good idea to have various copies just to make sure.

You will also need to notify your current place of residence of your impending move.  A 30-day notice period is required by government housing to ensure that there is time to schedule both a preliminary and a final inspection.