Preparing for a college move

Preparing for a college move

With the summer vacation now in its last month, college freshmen all over the United States are rapidly approaching the day when they will have to move to college.  Making the adjustment to college life can be jarring for many young students, particularly for those who are moving interstate to attend their institution of choice.

In many instances college can be the very first time that young people have lived away from home for any real length of time and there are a number of tips that can be helpful to freshmen when it comes to financial planning, socializing and making travel arrangements.  One good tip to keep in mind before you move is to call the housing department of your school and make sure that all the necessary arrangements have been made in connection with your living situation.

You need to remember to bring the small but important things with you when you move, such as your laptop charger and your contact lens case.  Other important items that you should not forget to take with you include a desk lamp, book bag, shower shoes such as sandals, an umbrella, laundry holder and a shower caddy.

When you get to college, do not be in a hurry to get rid of your parents.  You have been living in their house for your entire life and you should let them stay in your new home till you’re all settled in.  You should get to know your new campus as soon as you can and make sure that you know how to get to your classes on the first day.