How to Prepare for a Rainy Spring Move

How to Prepare for a Rainy Spring Move

Don’t let gloomy weather pour down on your moving day. While a rainy day isn’t what you wished for on the day you move to your new home, it sometimes can’t be avoided. However, soggy cardboard, wet moving boxes and weathered furniture (pun intended) don’t have to be a part of your rainy day. With these tips on preparing for a rainy moving day, you can safely and effectively move even if a storm is brewing.

Protect Your Belongings

Protecting your belongings is the first thing you want to do when the weather forecast is calling for rain. This should begin right within the initial packing process. You may want to pack your items with the assumption that it’s going to rain just to ensure you’re prepared if the sunshine turns into precipitation.

Fortunately, it’s quite easy to pack for rain. Wrap art in plastic wrap, have empty garbage bins at your disposal so you can cover items as needed and leave some heavy blankets out. All of these things can be used to add a protective layer on your most prized possessions.

Use Quality Moving Supplies to Keep Your Belongings Safe

It’s easy to assume that wet cardboard boxes will cause your valuables to come crashing through the bottom at the slightest drop of rain. However, moving boxes are designed to withstand various elements. As long as you purchase quality moving boxes and seal them with packing tape, your belongings should survive the moving day storm.

For items not in moving boxes, use clothing bag covers and plastic moving wrap to keep those belongings safe as well.

Move in Assembly Line Form

Forget about carrying your belongings through the rain and into your new, clean and dry home. Instead, set up an assembly line to keep things moving quickly and efficiently while keeping the wet weather outdoors. This will help protect your new floors from damage, while also protecting your belongings and your loved ones that came to help you move. A wet floor can be detrimental to the move. So, this is one moving day tip that shouldn’t be avoided.

Prepare the Moving Space for Optimal Protection and Safety

With the prior mentioned, you want to take all possible measures to keep your moving space clean and dry. Lay those heavy blankets you left out on the floors surrounding the entryways being used during the move. Cardboard boxes and plastic wrap will also work if you’re stuck in a pinch.

It’s important to do so in both your current and new home to ensure a safe and effective move for everyone involved.

Wear Proper Clothing

Pull out the rain jackets and rubber duckies. Wearing proper clothing during a rainy moving day is imperative to your safety. Heavy coats can snag on door handles and hooks, and sandals can turn the floor into an ice rink. As such, make sure you have taut rain gear readily available to everyone helping you move and highly encourage all helpers to wear non-slip running shoes or boots. There’s nothing that can slow a moving day down like an injury can.

Take Time to Dry Off In Between Runs

You want to get to your new house as soon as possible. So, you’re likely moving as fast as you can and avoiding the idea of taking a break. However, avoiding breaks can cause things to break especially when it’s rainy. Take a couple of minutes every few hours to dry off, warm up and recuperate. This little tip could actually speed up the moving day process significantly.

Don’t let some rain ruin your moving day. With these tips, you can move safely and effectively into your new place.