How to Prepare for a Long Distance Move

How to Prepare for a Long Distance Move

Moving to a new city, state or country is not an easy task. It’s a process that just doesn’t happen overnight. It’s imperative to plan your move carefully to avoid any discrepancies or roadblocks along the way. The first step to doing just that is to understand the differences between a local and long distance move.

You’ll Need to Pack Your Belongings for the Long Haul

While it’s always important to pack your belongings properly, it’s even more crucial for a long-distance move. The extended travel means that your items are going to experience more bumping and shaking during transportation. So, they need to be packed properly to ensure they’re well cushioned for the entire duration of the trip.

One thing for sure – don’t forget to pack your mattress in a box instead of simply loading it into the truck. The long-distance move (and all the bumps that come with it) can quickly bend a mattress out of shape.

Think About the Different Weather Changes

Depending on where you’re moving, your items may also go through various temperature and weather changes. So, it’s important to always pack your items in boxes and specialty crates with potential weather changes in mind. Your electronics might be fine in a box when moving within the city on a hot summer day but with a long-distance move, the moisture build-up and heat can be damaging over the course of time that it takes to get from A to B.

Pack a Bag Like You’re Going on Vacation

Avoid tossing those suitcases in the back of the moving truck because you’ll need them. It’s always recommended to pack an overnight bag when moving. However, since you are doing a long-distance move, you must pack for the entire duration of the trip plus extras. It’s always best to have what you need on you – just in case.

So, pack like you’re going on a weekend getaway or week vacation.

Know the Delivery Window

With the prior mentioned, it’s absolutely imperative to be aware of any delivery timelines reinforced by professional movers and/or moving companies. Some companies have a “delivery window” that extends well into 20-plus days, exceeding holidays and weekends. So, you could be at your new humble abode without your belongings for up to a month, depending on the company and services you opt for.

Even if your moving company has a reasonable timeframe in which you can expect your items to be delivered, it’s still recommended that you pack extra items in your suitcase. This will ensure you’re prepared for any delays or roadblocks that may occur if the moving truck encounters any roadblocks.

Travel with Your Most Important Documents

While it isn’t always plausible to travel with all of your personal documents, it is recommended to travel with your driver’s licenses, passport, birth certificate and social security card. These are personal items you’ll need upon arrival. Keeping these items on you will always give you peace of mind that they aren’t slipping between the cracks back in the bouncing moving truck.

A long-distance move should always be more exciting than it is stressful. So, keep these tips in mind when preparing for your future move and let the adventure begin.