Prepare appliances for a move

Prepare appliances for a move

While your moving company will be taking care of all of your heavy possessions, there are still a number of things that you can – and should – do in order to get your appliances ready for the move.

When it comes to your fridge and freezer, these items should be unplugged at least a day prior to the move.  All perishables should be donated to a friend or neighbor or disposed of and once the defrosting has been completed, all surfaces and containers should be cleaned and dried and all racks removed.  If you have an ice maker, the water line should be disconnected and then completely drained.  Stoves also need to be cleaned thoroughly both inside and out, and all racks should be removed and secured.

If you own a gas stove, you need to turn off the gas supply and have all the knobs and elements taped down.  Your dishwater likewise needs to be completely emptied and not used for a full day prior to relocation.  The utensil rack should be taken out and the door taped shut.

You should take a look at your user manual before doing anything with your washer and dryer.  Hoses should be removed and the drum secured in the washer.  All appliances need to have been unplugged, with the plug taped securely to the back of the unit.  Such steps can ensure that the move is a smooth one and prevent any accidents. A third party provider may need to be hired in order to mover certain appliances.  Speak with your professional moving consultant about the specifics of your move.