Potential Safety Hazards During an Office Move

Potential Safety Hazards During an Office Move

Packing up an office and relocating is stressful, but can also result in a number of significant health and safety issues. It is not simply a case of packing up the files and desks and shipping them to another building. Many other considerations need to be taken into account. Those in charge of the move should be aware of the additional safety concerns, and make sure that staff members remain safe while the relocation process is underway. Bekins Moving Solutions has successfully moved countless offices with a stellar safety record. We are happy to share with you information that can protect your employees during an office move.

Trip Hazards

While you may try to minimize clutter and mess, trip hazards are always present. Boxes, tape, and packing materials will be everywhere. Making sure items are not left in walkways is important for the well-being of your employees. Brief your staff members on the potential hazards that may exist during the time of the move.

Employee Injuries

During an office move, you may have your employees lifting and handling heavy or awkwardly shaped items. Unless they know how to lift heavy boxes or furniture properly, they may sustain injuries and need to take time off work. Before your move, hold a special training aimed at instructing your staff on how to lift properly. If you don’t want to risk employee injury, it may be best to hire a professional moving company instead.

Falling Furniture

During a move, you may have unanchored furniture that is freely standing, waiting to be moved. Warn your employees about these areas where shelving, storage, or equipment is unsecured. Try to place any unsecured furniture away from walkways or where employees routinely sit or stand. Heavy and unsteady furniture can tip over and become deadly.

Allergies & Cleaning Products

Moving tends to kick up a lot of dust and dirt. You may move pieces of furniture that haven’t been cleaned in a long time. Cleaning products used during a move can also cause some employees to have respiratory complaints or skin reactions. If you have employees that suffer from issues like asthma, you may need to have them leave or wear a protective mask during the move. Always follow the directions on all cleaning products to avoid injury.

Exit Obstruction

During a move, you need to be aware of the emergency exits in your building and be sure not to block them. Even during a move, there is a risk of fire or other emergencies that may require using of the exits. Train your employees to place boxes and furniture away from emergency exits to keep them clear.

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