Possessions to leave behind when moving

Possessions to leave behind when moving

The planning of a move is often a very complicated and involved process.  In addition to having to get everything in your home cleaned, organized and packed, you will also need to take the time to think about the items you are going to have to leave behind.

One area that needs some careful consideration is the garden.  You may well have become very attached to your garden during your time in your current home, but attempting to move plants or trees to a new environment would put an enormous degree of strain on them.  Instead of risking these trees or plants dying during relocation, it would be a better idea to leave them where they are and set up another garden in your new home.  Besides, it may be illegal to have the plant/tree where you’re moving to and professional movers are unable to move live plants.

If you have a pool – unless it is easy to dissemble and of the above ground variety – then you are far better off simply leaving it when you move.  Trying to move a pool with you to a new home would involve an inordinate amount of expense and effort.  If the pool has some sentimental value and/or was custom built for you then you might want to hire a professional moving company to handle relocation; however, the reality is that in the great majority instances it will probably not be possible to have it moved.

If you have had birdhouses installed in your current home and have taken great pleasure in having lots of birds stop by while you have been living there, you should really leave the birdhouses behind.  The birds will have grown used to them and taking their homes away would be unnecessarily cruel.  You can always install new birdhouses in the home you are making a move to.  You might even want to think about leaving some leftover seeds for the new occupants of your old home so that they will be able to continue to look after the birds.

Should you have invested in a number of special features, fixtures and fittings in your current home, such as fancy cupboard handles or a chandelier, it would only be logical to feel that you want to take them with you, especially as they are likely to be worth a fair amount of money.  If you do take this route, however, you should endeavor to replace them, even if only with generic versions.  The new occupants of your home will otherwise be shocked and somewhat less than impressed to find themselves moving into a house that has rooms with no lights and doors with no handles.

Any personal items that you no longer require and do not want to pay to have moved with you to your new home should be given away, donated or sold at a garage sale.

A move can be made a lot easier by knowing what to leave behind.