Poor Reno: Deadly Wildfire Now Flash Floods

Poor Reno: Deadly Wildfire Now Flash Floods

That terrible wildfire in Reno, Nevada that destroyed 29 homes and caused those families to relocate unexpectedly is finally contained.  Thousands of residents forced to evacuate previously are now back at home.  But, Reno isn’t done with upset.

The fire that spread over a 3,200-acre area was contained on Saturday partially due to the rain that the area hasn’t seen in many months.  The area got about two inches of rain, something that residents moving back to their homes weren’t expecting, though some welcomed.  However, officials fear the worst due to the incoming precipitation.

What could be worse than the fire that killed at least one woman and caused almost 30 families to move to alternate residences just recently?  Flash flooding.

Reno has had one of its driest winters to date and experts believe that the rains the area just saw could cause flash floods.  These types of floods come on without any warning and can cause people to lose their homes, just as with fire.

Last week, you may remember that the fire broke out about noon on Thursday and quickly spread thanks to the 82-mph wind gusts.  More than 10,000 people were forced to move out of the area quickly.  Last week’s fire was similar to another fire Reno saw in mid-November where 30 homes were destroyed.

Thursday’s fire was started by accident – a man in the area emptied ashes from his house’s fireplace improperly.  He came forward but has not been named publicly.  Criminal charges will likely not be filed.

Jon Huser