Play an April Fool’s Day joke that you are movin …

Play an April Fool’s Day joke that you are movin …

“I’m moving.”  Wouldn’t that be a cruel but fun joke to play on your friends?  Of course, if you are really going to move then you need to consider all that has to happen before that move date.  You could also use April Fool’s Day as a way to tell your friends that you do have to move.  Sometimes we can find it hard to tell the people we are closest to the things that are most meaningful, such as missing them because you have to move to a new home.

There are plenty of checklists out there to help you move appropriately.  Still, there are some things you might not want to believe or think do not apply to you depending on the type of move you will undergo.  For example, if you are relocating to a new apartment you need to be wary of how you pack your belongings.  It may seem simple to say it, but as you draw near to that move date and get tired with all of the work, packing and stress of moving, you may find that you do not care what goes into a box until you are carrying it up three or more flights of stairs.

To begin properly start a plan.  What room will you pack first?  Do you have enough small to large boxes for the items you have to pack?  It is best to go room-to-room packing what you can in the early months.  In this way you will not feel over-pressured as the move gets closer.  Once you get closer to when you will leave for your new home you can start to pack the things you needed up to that point.  If you keep on top of the packing it will be simple and easy.

Also consider hiring a moving company, especially if you are moving to a city where you do not have help moving into your new location.  Rather than making an April Fool’s joke on yourself by having to move every box up several flights of stairs, let a moving company make it easier.  If your budget can handle it get yourself set up so that you just have to pack and unpack the boxes.  A moving company will do the heavy lifting, drive to your new destination, and drop off your things.  Life can go back to being smooth for you with a little extra help.

Planning ahead for your move is the best way to ensure that things go smoothly.  There are a lot of different things that can come up when budgeting for a move, such as overtime, additional packing expenses, and more.  Do not let these things surprise you and instead make certain to have the right checklist and goal periods set up.  You will be thankful later that your stress was reduced even a little by getting ready for the moving company ahead of time and packing what is important.

Jon Huser